Monday, February 20, 2006

Batangas - Batulao Saturdayhike

Finding it hard to squeeze in a major hike because of time and monetary constraints, a day hike is the next best thing to somehow quench my thirst for the mountains. Lalo na't work is getting to be more and more toxic again, being in the boondocks is a great stress reliever. 

So last saturday found us up in Batulao. It was a pleasant surprise to be reunited with some of my ka-groupmates sa MFPI whom I haven't seen in a long while - Ricky with his son, Jivril, Ivy, and Ericki. As with most of our climbs, we coined and immortalized a term so we can remember a particular trip. On this edition, it's "biyak", the Filipino word for break. In english, it's quite harmless but in the vernacular, it assumes a naughty meaning. anyway, Let it be a private joke na lang, hahaha. Thanks mga amigos and amigas for a wonderful dayhike. As the pictures attest, the view was breathtaking and awesome, certainly worth the puyat.

For those interested in hiking up Mt. Batulao: Ride bus headed for Nasugbu (Crow transit - P94/one way, allow for 2.5-3 hours trip) • Alight at Evercrest Golf Club and register at the entrance • Start hike following the road leading to the Don Bosco Center, turn left to the end of paved road (opposite road leads to Calaruega) • Estimated time for hike to camp 1 - 1.5-2 hours • Register at camp 1 (P20/per climber; fee includes use of comfort room) • Estimated time to hike to summit from camp 1 - 30-45 minutes • Degree of difficulty: easy to moderate, rock climbing near summit • Wear long-sleeved shirt/arm protection & long pants as trail is mainly cogonal • Bring drinking water (no potable water source) • There are 10 campsites (including the summit), most of which are marked by Talisay trees, camp no. 1 has a toilet (how convenient!) • Many local trails exist so it's advisable to hire a guide


Unknown said...

grabe ganda pala sa batulao, ganda din ng pagkakakuha mo, parang chcolate hills, well parang shape ng kisses.. hehe. thnx for giving me an idea... gusto ko pumunta batulao, hanap lang ako ng makakasama.

thnx sa comment mo sa blog ko... actually lumipat lang ako ng URL


Anonymous said...

I miss that mountain. I love that Jagged row shot! Ang galing. At Ayus dahil me kasama pa kayong mga bata. Magandang masimulan sila ng maaga sa climbing.

Just a human said...

I miss the mountains, too, Oggie - the Mts. in New England. What is it about them that attracts us so? Photos are beautiful, and I love it that you have so much good comraderie on these trips. Blessings!

Sidney said...

What a landscape ! Doesn't look like the Philippines! :-)

Unknown said...

there's really no stopping you oggie from your latest passion ha! Well, all I can say is 'live it up!'

Anyway, i've also been really busy apart from work, with snowboarding on weekends. It's tiring kasi ang layo ng mountains, I travel all the way up north just to ride pero every journey is worth it :)

Ingat and a great week ahead..Ang bilis ng oras, feb is almost over..

Photography said...

wow. brought me again into contemplation. nice shot.

i haven't tried climbing a mountain due to my asthma. i do hope that one day, i'll fulfill my dream.

thanks and God bless.

Yesterdays_ashes said...

Beautiful Pictures!!! You can almost see the Lord in each one. May his spirit be with you.


Yesterdays_ashes said...

Thank you for your comforting, nice words. I actually found you thru Jeff's blog. I am so honored that you would want to link to my blog. I too would like to link to yours if that is okay. I love your inspiring photography.

Have a wonderful day.



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