Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Church Tour - Lakbay, simba sa Pampanga

Barely getting some rest from my Bohol trip and a sideline job, I joined our Digital Photographer Philippines foto group for the first DPP Simbahan Tour. That means, I will have to break this blog's chronological order and post select church captures from this trip ahead of my Bohol trip images. Here's the group hug and the line-up shots. (Photo credits: Aly Reyes of DPP)


Anonymous said...

Ang saya! Hehehe. Love the ceiling shots. Maganda rin yang makihalubilo sa ibang photographers. Cgurado me makukuha kang mga tips and techniques.

AnneMac said...

Sarap sana sumama. Kaya lang nakaka-insecure naman ang mga bitbit nyong DSLRs at ako'y hamak na point and shooter lamang.

lagal[og] said...

hey mga friends! long time no hear! thanks, thanks!

ferdz! sama ka naman sa susunod. kaya lang, sobrang award-winning ka na, baka mahiya lang akong kumuha, hahaha.

ikaw naman anne, wala naman sa camera ang ganda ng kuha, hahaha. next time, sali ka!

Anonymous said...

photographing the photographer! :)

simbahan shots? never been to betis but i'm planning to go there

i won't tell those carvers there i'm from paete hehe

there's a rivalry betweeen the two towns, ya know

lba said...

hi oggie,
did you say aly reyes? he's a good friend of mine from way baaaaack. may blog din ba sha? would like to know please :)

as usual, your pictures are great. it must have been an awesome trip. my favorites are the church domes and the view from the watchtower.

take care,

Sidney said...

Nice group! Only two girls?

lagal[og] said...

tutubi, promise, i'll shut my big mouth when it comes to betis vs. paete, hahaha

hi lori, aly sends his warm regards.

hi sidney, yep, only two girls. kahit sa dpp forum, the guys outnumber the girls like 30-1.


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