Monday, March 3, 2008

Manila Ocean Park - Patterns

First time I encountered this kind of fish up close was when I was shooting near the shore in Cordova, Cebu. So I'm pleasantly surprised they're in one of the giant marine tanks of Manila Ocean Park. Their striking patterns make them well, very striking especially because they like to swim in tight formation.


Travis said...

I love the pattern the fish create. Very creative shot. Your photos are always terrific. My eye is always drawn to photos that capture pattern. Nice job.

lagal[og] said...

travis, i share the thought. the way i see it, we are taught to see patterns and shapes the moment we begin to see.

i always instinctively look for patterns and shapes everytime i see a scenery or visual stimuli and try to capture it so the viewer will see what i myself saw.

thanks for the comments. i really appreciate them. i also hope that in the same way that your blog shows us the beauty of iowa, my blog can reciprocate the gesture by showing the beauty in this part of the world.

Sidney said...

I guess they like company.
Almost an abstract drawing!

lagal[og] said...

sidney! there are fishes talaga that are groupies and shoals in large schools. i guess it guards against predators din in the open seas. i agree with you, this indeed looks like an abstract drawing, only thing is, it's drawn by mother nature :-)


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