Sunday, July 6, 2008

On assignment in Batanes • Day 3

A whole day for our magazine cover shoot, we criss-crossed Batan Island from Valugan to Viang, Marlboro hills to Imnajbu, and sunsetting at Chanarian. I guess  I’m extremely lucky to be familiar with the territory since three days weren’t simply enough to familiarize oneself with the locations. 

For dinner, i thank our writer, Andrea, for finding Casa Napoli.t his pizza and pasta place has eluded me during my past two visits (the owner, Xavier Mirabuena, was always in Manila) but no more, as we had a tummy-filling, candle-lit evening through another power outage that lasted until the next day. Even with the rigorous sked, I hope to be back soon, hopefully when the regular flights to Itbayat commences. Till then, Dios mamajes. Image details: The vakul is archetypal Ivatan.  It is used as both rainwear and sun protection by residents of the outlying areas.


escape said...

talaga? may pasta doon? galing naman. nabibili ba yang vakul? pwede kasing iregalo para sa kapatid ko para ilagay sa bahay.

lagal[og] said...

the pizza and pasta are actually very good dom. yung vakul costs P500 each :-) puwedeng bitbitin, handcarry, para hindi masira. yung sakin sa bahay, handcarried ko noong 2nd time ko magpunta sa batanes :-D

Anonymous said...

Can't wait which ones they chose as the cover :D

lagal[og] said...

bro wulf, onga eh. happy problem naman kasi maraming choices :-)


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