Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hong Kong Disneyland: Details of Disney, Disney of Details

HK Disneyland - Wulferdz in the Maze
Amazing Maze facing the bay
In oft-photographed Disneyland, there's much to be gleaned from the details.  Instead of looking at the big picture which can be overwhelming at times, it's interesting to see the itty-bitty pieces.

HK Disneyland - Elephants Detail
Acrobatic elephants
Who says elephants can't contort themselves and be acrobats. Certainly not the folks over at Disney.
HK Disneyland - Towel Art
Towel creatures

Who knows what furry creatures lurk in the bathroom? Found these in the T&B and until we left, we just looked at them instead of putting them to use.
HK Disneyland - Hotel T&B Mirror Detail I
One Happy mirror?

 Could this mirror be magical? Hmmm, I see Happy in one corner, Dopey in the other, plus two others I couldn't recall.
HK Disneyland - Seatbelt Signage
Seatbelt sign

Wear your seatbelt. Otherwise, you could be breakdancing off your seat, so says this sign on the Pooh attraction. You've been warned.
HK Disneyland - Stroller Parking
Stroller Parking

 What kind of parking ticket could you get if you overstay in this stroller parking space? Hmmm, a free ride to a Cosmic attraction would be nice.
HK Disneyland - Mickey Silhouette on the Train Floor
The shadow follows you everywhere you go.
On our final day, we decided to go back to Mong Kok to do some more window-shopping for electronics.  Getting on the train to Lai King for the connecting train to Mong Kok aboard the special Disney train yields interesting shadows.


Photo Cache said...

i think showing the details or photographing the fine details is the way to go with sights like disneyland that is one of the most featured in the world.

Andrea said...

the very observant Oggie, but the model in your maze really looks lost. I wonder if that is real or on cue! haha.

Oman said...

lost in the maze ba si idolwulf? awesome details bai.

escape said...

whoa! as always bai great photos. di ko naman na siguro kailangan sabihin to lagi.

hahaha... kakatuwa si ferdz sa maze.

Jenn said...

Beautiful details that are easily ignored really. I likewise think I've outgrown Disneyland or any theme park for that matter. Maybe I should think twice eh?

Lagalog Ramos said...

Photo Cache, I agree. Disneyland is also sprawling, it's easy to overlook the details.

Nids, candid yan, believe it or not :D one can't help but try out the maze just for the heck of it.

Oman & Dom, salamat mga bai :D

Jenn, that's what I thought, too. But seeing Mickey and the rest of the furry gang come breakfast made me feel like a kid again.


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