Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Roomorama: Roam and room around the world

Actual apartment from Roomorama's network
Ahh, the joys of going online – you can book flights and look for accommodations without leaving your desk. However, looking for quality accommodations and actually finding them can be two very different things. Yeah, you can stay at a hotel but it’s expensive especially during longer stays. Costs aside, the experience tend to be cookie-cutter and homogenous.

Real room, Makati transient house, $19/night
Contrast this to living in an apartment in a good neighborhood right in your place of destination. You can get more room for less money and best of all, when you step out, you get immersed in the local community life, not in an endless corridor of doorways and wall-to-wall carpeting. That is, if you can find an apartment up to your liking for the budget you have in mind.

This is where Roomorama can prove really useful. 

What’s Roomorama? It’s a peer-to-peer rental agency that brings together apartment owners in over 400 locations (478 and counting) worldwide and links them to guests on the lookout for high-quality, affordable short-term accommodations or rentals

Regardless of the time zone differences, you can always book through Roomorama since it has an in-house customer service team available 24/7. What’s more, payment and transactions are simple and secure – your payment is not forwarded until you get to your accommodations. And each accommodation is verified and validated by Roomorama

3-br house in Cebu, $50/night
For the savings alone, it’s worth exploring Roomorama whether it’s for a day or weeks-long stay. Times like these, the norm isn’t anymore how expensive your accommodations should be but how much less you paid and how much more value you’re getting from your buck. That you get to experience the local life comes as a special benefit, not just as a bonus when you book with Roomorama.

Images attribution: Roomorama website


Anonymous said...

This is so nice to see roomorama on your site! I have used them and share roomorama with my friends so they know my little secret on how to find affordable accommodation. They have a new site that was launched a few days ago, making it look even more attractive! Also, check out by them! Cool site.

Matthew said...

Wow these look amazing, I checked out their site after reading this and it was so easy to find amazing places like this. I thought these were rare properties but the site is full of them. Cannot wait to book one of them! Thanks for sharing.

Stuart said...

Ang ganda nang mga apartment sa ngayon ko lang nakita ng site nila. Super savings talaga sa kanila at maganda parin! Will use their site from now on. Thanks for the tip!


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