Saturday, March 12, 2005

11 days

Overtime again on a Friday when I could be with friends (sorry D2 & B2). Believe me, I'm really counting the days to my Batanes trip. Really, really need a breather, a time to think things over. the physical and emotional exhaustion is taking a toll on my health, haven't been feeling 100% for the past weeks. A mini-exodus from the office is affecting me as well. At first, I was trying to brush it off but I must admit, it's making me rethink my job, my other prospects, my dreams. Wish the good Lord will send me signs as well as send people my way to illuminate my mind about things.


Anonymous said...

hi, you dont know me personally, i was just interested in surfing info about batanes n saw ur site. im a travel buff too. u have great pics, it was so nice to know that someone appreciated the beauty of arroceros park in manila :)

Anonymous said...

hey oggie, ako naman kung pwede magextend ang mga araw coz the coming week is gonna be really so critical for me hehehhee...kung pwede lang sana skip ko na ang week na to and direcho na sa batanes ahahahhaa


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