Thursday, July 21, 2005

Sifting the sands, seeing the greens

Monday was a particularly awful day. Ever woke up feeling that things aren't going to work out right? It was such a day. Lost a personal training client. My foggy mind couldn't focus so working on an AVP was a struggle. Passing by an atm after gym, the machine gobbled up my card.  Tsk, tsk. Then my glasses fell somewhere along the way but looked for the lost lens and found it, thank God. 

On the bright side, I thought, other people had it worse. Maybe, just maybe, it's a matter of sifting the sand to find the greens.A  little prayer goes a long, long way as well. P.S. last fri's iPod iParty was a blast. thanks to iPals, D2, B2, C2, Trix, Jards for sharing their iPlaylists. I propose a new motto for the group: iListen::there4 iPod.


Anonymous said...

sorry to hear abt your bad day. hold on to your ipod.....very well :) check out itunes too

AnneMac said...

Og! We should travel together one of these days...maybe if Myke gets around to convincing me to go to Sagada :)

Unknown said...

hey oggie, i'm also under some depression spell and when i read ur post it just occured to me that i'm so pathetic thinking that the world's gonna crumble upon me, eh di lang naman ako ang nag iisang taong may problema sa mundo. well, cheers to both of us!


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