Monday, July 24, 2006

Short shots

On the invitation of B2 & D2, went on an experimental studio shoot at Cubepoint, Shaw, last Sat. too bad, D2 wasn't able to make it because Q2's lola passed away last Friday. It was swell experimenting with studio lighting and shooting live talents instead of sceneries for a change. Made a little booboo though (concerned about my teeny-weeny cf capacity, forgot to switch my image size to jpg:fine so ended up with rather small, grainy images). Guess it's all part of the learning curve. Thanks to Gerard & Loyva for being willing models. And of course to B2. Sa uulitin! 

Dining find: Snackaroo along Jimenez St. in Kammuning. B2's reco hit us right on the tummy. We had 3-4 grilled t-bone steaks, sinigang na baka with marrow, 2 servings of kaldereta, 2 servings of liempo, abundant rice and mountain dew all for a princely sum of 987 bucks.


Anonymous said...

Neat! Haven't tried doing studio shoots yet. Love thos shot with the red backgrounds, but could be better with more highlights to make it more dramatic. Still it's a good start. :)

Unknown said...

pwede ka ng magtayo ng studio panapat sa dig image.

yung cubepoint ba ay yung sa dp lab?

asdjakfa said...


My friends are all raving about the dramatic photo that you took of me in the red background. It's on my 2nd friendster account and i've been swamped with messages since the day i posted it! Wow. They all say it captures the mood and emotion of the persona rather than just the moment. Gerard and I agree. Your photos speak about personalities rather than mere subjects. Way to go!!! And many, many thanks for making me look so ganda! :)


ToNeTTe said...

hi ogs, you're getting really good with photography. =) my diving on the other hand, hasn't taken off yet due to weather and also because I had a bad case of vertigo 3 weeks ago.

i changed my blog address ulit pala. making iwas somebody who, lucky me, is not well versed with techy stuff.


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