Tuesday, September 19, 2006

20,000 views and counting

Oggie Poggie. Get yours at flagrantdisregard.com/flickrmany thanks to all my visitors and guests. it may not seem like a big thing for other flickrfans but to me, it sure is a great incentive to keep taking pictures and finding out the stories behind the images.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I've visited your flickr page and might I say all your photos are worth looking at. I have an account with flickr, I will add you as contact.

lagal[og] said...

thanks leah for the encouraging words. will add you rin as a contact :-D

Iskoo said...

congrats oggie, maganda naman kasi mga photos mo and worth viewing. thnx for sharing also.

lagal[og] said...

thanks bro iskoo. kakatuwa to hear people appreciate the pics and the stories.


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