Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Me, steroid freak?

Didn't really want to write about this but thought I should clear the air somehow.I  overheard a casual acquaintance brand me a steroid freak in the gym last night. Should I take it as an offensive remark or as a compliment? C'mon, I've been working out for close to two decades and people think I've taken shots of oily liquid? Then again, I can take it positively -- I got to a point when people (like current Mr. Phil, Dondon Cortuna) took notice and guess what -- I've been a natural athlete all this time.O h well... food for thought.


Sidney said...

I am more fatty... ;-)

lagal[og] said...

ei sid! la lang, napalakas lang ang kain at buhat kaya ganyan hitsura ko, hahaha.

Unknown said...

nakakainggit naman katawan mo, siguro mga 3 yrs pa bago ko makuha ang katawan mo! mag steroid kaya ako? hehehe.

lagal[og] said...

bro cruise, hahaha. tulad ng sabi ko kay sid, kain, buhat, tulog lang yan, hahaha. naku bro, wag kang mag-steroids. the body is the Lord's temple di ba?

enzo said...

uy! musta ka na bro? steriods. ikaw? weh? hehe.
seriously, natural mesomorph ka siguro kaya ka napagkakamalan na nagtuturok. that should be a compliment if they do think you're into it.



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