Monday, November 13, 2006

Climbing Cristobal

Our fund-raising climb at Cristobal last weekend was a success. Over 30 climbers joined our group in our climb of Mt. Cristobal in Dolores, which is part of the Banahaw Massiv. 

After a bit of apprehension over the forecast of another brewing storm, we pushed for San Pablo early Saturday morning. As part of the sweep group, I was with the tail people who spent more time sharing jokes and swapping laughs than the actual climbing.

The air was cool and nippy at the campsite. Owing to the small size of the main campsite at the ridge, four of us pitched our tent far from the maddening crowd, so to speak. It's rewarding to enjoy a cool, quiet night of sleep after our socials got cut short by the evening rain.E ven through my tentmates' loud snoring (and another f word, hahaha, which stands for a loud, smelly noise), I had a good night's sleep.I  pity Dan who kept imagining the (mythical?) tumao to open our tent door any moment after I turned off my headlamp and dozed off. No such "spooky" moments for me.

On behalf of my groupmates, let me thank our invitees for sharing in our cause and having fun with us in the process. P.S. I had the opportunity to meet Fernan, whom I found out has this site among his bookmarks. Thanks bro! Sure feels good there are people who actually read my blog, hahaha. 

Climbing Mt. Cristobal info: Elevation: over 1,500m • Difficulty: major climb, moderate (allow 3-4 hours for ascent, 2.5-3 hours for descent) • Trail: mossy forest • Permits: none, but please leave names of participants at the Montelibano's house at the jump-off • Water source: none, get water at Montelibano's • To get to San Pablo: ride bus in Pasay bound for San Pablo City (fare: around P110, 2-3 hrs. travel time); in San Pablo, hire jeepney bound for Dolores • Must bring: insect repellent, arm protector


Anonymous said...

nice special mention ako =) now i feel like part of the climbing community after meeting real hardcore climbers hahaha.. hope to do it again with you guys.. may york's soul rest in God's hands..

lagal[og] said...

thanks bro! leave me your contact details para next time, kahit dayhike, sama kayo sa amin.

Anonymous said...

came here after a long time.
looks like you have been busy.
now I have more climbing stories to add in
my site... OK ba?

congrats, ur site has pagerank 4.

hey, can u add me in your go explore! links?


Anonymous said...

hi oggie!

I read in a long ago children's pinoy story book about Mt. Banahaw being the mystic mountain and Mt. Cristobal as its opposite. Its about the same age I discovered Pedro Penduko and him being able to fly in far away places through the help of the moonlight.

syempre, story lang yun. =) sounds like you had good soul time when you went up. Ingat!

lagal[og] said...

toni! long time no hear! sure, will add your link to my blogsite. hope to hear from you again.

hi tonette! actually, daming istorya sa cristobal. spooky stories halos lahat. but curiously, i slept well :-D

Anonymous said...

How ironic that you went to a "Devil's" Mountain for a good cause. Hehe.

Buti na lng at madaming nag participate. Mukhang masaya at enjoy kayo sa climb.

lagal[og] said...

oo nga no? felt something on the trail but sa campsite, slept like a log, hahaha. dunno if tall tales nga yung mga istorya pero i've seen and felt my shares of spectres sa bundok.

Sidney said...

Impressive group!

Anonymous said...

looks like you had great fun.. And for a great cause, sure worth all the effort, di ba?

lagal[og] said...

hi sid & leah! of course, part of the climb is having fun. strenuous but fun nonetheless :-D

Toni said...


Your photos are getting better by the day.
A wide lens would make it, well, wider :-)

You should also go to Taiwan to see shrines in the mountains ...

Was it a conincide d2digital also went to this church...?



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