Monday, December 4, 2006

The (very) Inconvenient Truth

Caught this Al Gore documentary on DVD and found it to be a real eye-opener. I'm already convinced about global warming and this film showed the facts, often chillingly. Amazing how much the human race has altered in a course of this lifetime. The before and after photos of formerly icy regions turned into vast, bare lands, is a telling piece of evidence.N ext time a supertyphoon or hurricane strikes, we can't blame Mother Nature solely. Guess we have to admit to the (inconvenient) truth. 

Some interesting developments:
- the number of category 4 and 5 hurricanes almost doubled in the last 30 years
- Malaria has spread to higher altitudes in places like the Colombian Andes
- Global sea levels could rise by more than 20 feet with the loss of shelf ice in Greenland and Antartica
- Heat waves along with draughts and wildfires will occur more often
- the Artic Ocean could be ice free in summer by 2050

If I may add, I've noticed that our country has experienced signal no. 4 typhoons twice this year.I s there a connection between global warming and the "wild and freakish" weather we've been having? You make your conclusions. Hope those tidbits roused your curiosity. Catch An Inconvenient Truth or go to


Anonymous said...

Lagal[og], someone i know also told me about WAIS - it is a sign of something - another blogger [kuya kevin] has some interesting thoughts amidst this chaos - masyado ng magkakasunod - minsan ang hirap ng mag-emote sa mga napapanood sa tv - parang sanay na tayo sa ganon - iba na - di lang bilog - iba na talaga ang mundo

kbongy said...

...signal no. 4 warming ...wild and freakish" weather we've been having... i think those are signs of what is yet to come.

really "an inconvenient truth".

lagal[og] said...

that's an interesting perspective bongsky. and i do agree with you hram, iba na talaga ang mundo ngayon. as i commented kay kuya kevin, what do we tell our Creator when He asks us how good are we as stewards of this earth?

Unknown said...

my take on that - i'm not totally sold out on the fact that the current climate crisis is primarily caused by humans - maybe, we're part of it in a way - but we're just one of the elements created in this world - what i believe - same as murphy's law - "Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong" - disasters are bound to happen - our responsibility to rule over all the creatures that move along the ground was already handed down to us long before our birth - "have we been good stewards?" - caring for this earth should be innate in us already, as eating 3x a day is already a part of us - will God ask us "have you eaten your lunch already?" - i don't think so - it's already a part of our responsibility as a living creature - same with death as a possible effect of hunger - there will be a consequence for our negligence to care - tao man yan, hayop, langit, lupa, tubig, hangin - ang dame - dapat may tender loving care - but i guess, we also need to have in mind that the end is coming (soon or not, i don't know) - so the question that we should be really preparing to answer is - "Are you ready for this end?" "Where will go when you die?"

lagal[og] said...

i respect your views huram. i do entertain those thoughts myself because the signs are really becoming more and more obvious. as to myself, i pray that our Creator will find me worthy to see Him in the afterlife.


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