Friday, April 13, 2007

Bohol Tarsier - Wide-eyed in Loboc

The Corella Forest Sanctuary was closed on Good Friday, so the closest thing to seeing this renowned primate is an establishment along Loboc authorized by the DENR to keep Tarsiers. It was not easy to take clear shots of them since one, they're nocturnal creatures, ergo, they don't necessarily love being out in the sunshine; two, they wouldn't hesitate to jump to the nearest tree in a heartbeat.


Sidney said...

Stunning animals! I hope they are well protected!

lagal[og] said...


they are well protected naman. only one establishment in loboc is authorized by the denr to keep them as pets for oggling by tourists kasi not everyone can or is inclined to go to the corella forest sanctuary.

Akiko said...

So cute. If only they were not endangered species then I wish i had a pet like that. Thanks for sharing.


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