Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lagalog takes flight

Will be gone for a week, maybe two, on personal business, a much-needed break from civilization as i know it and a bit of introspection. God bless y'all and see ya soon. Image taken in Candaba, Pampanga, Luzon Island


escape said...

oggie, perfect photo! ngayon na pala alis mo. ingat at damihan mo ang pictures. keep safe na rin.

Erick said...

mamya na pala alis. tsk tsk! 1-2 weeks kaming mga nag aabang sayo ang matitigang sa post mo (nyo, ni ferdz). ingat kayo dun bro! yung promise mo na maraming stories at pictures pag uwi nyo.

lapit na august! hehe.


lagal[og] said...

thanks dom & erick.
ikaw talaga, sandali lang yung 1-2 weeks.
but will try to post next week in between trips :-)

margaret said...

oggie...:enjoy sa trip. nice pic. love it.:) god bless:)

Anonymous said...

idol, where are you going? will be waiting for your breathtaking pictures.... ingat kayo said...

bon voyage oggie! make sure pagdating mo more and more pics to post ha!

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

have a safe and happy trip!

oggie, i'm moving my blog to facebook. just wanted to let oyu know. i will email you details. see you there!

lagal[og] said...

marga, joanne, arlene, lori, thanks so much. things are hectic right now but will try my best to post a bit.

elmer, thanks for the interest in my blog. i'll look into the matter more closely once i recover a bit.


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