Friday, June 20, 2008

Salakot sunset in Hoan Kiem Lake

The salakot or conical hat is archetypal Asian and while we have it in the Philippines, it is more strongly associated with Vietnam. And rightfully so, because even in the city, people unabashedly wear it to shield them from the strong sun or the rain. Having no one to model this salakot, the task fell on our shoulders so I'm returning the favor to my buddy, ironwulf, for featuring me in his Vietnam preview post. Aan afternoon of waiting for the sun to set on Hoan Kiem Lake.


Unknown said...

bagay na bagay nga kay ferdz yan. malamang kung naiwan nga si ferdz hindi nya sya paghihinalangang pinoy.magkano kaya bayad mo dito sa model? lol.

pero kakatuwa naman na natural sa kanila ang magsuot nito.

Lantaw said...

kulang na lang ng AK-47 to complete the look hahaha

Anonymous said...

it's amazing how they show their love for their rich culture. did you get a taste of their authentic pho? i'll look forward to reading more about your trip!

Erick said...

nakilala ko si ferdz dahil sa shorts nyang camouflage. :)

pwedeng pwedeng magmodel si ferdz ha. hehe!

salakot talaga unang naiisip ko pag vietnam.

Anonymous said...

Pwede na ko magka career as a rickshaw driver or vender. "Buy from me sir?"

lagal[og] said...

dong, sinabi mo pa, hahaha

bai allan, hamo, sasabihin ko ke ferdz

lori, the pho is of course, amazing, among other vietnamese fare

erick, puwede!

bro wulf, you can indeed pass for a viet, buti na lang kaibigan kita, kung hindi, mahal talent fee mo, hahaha


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