Sunday, February 8, 2009

Rules of engagement: Preparing for a Moslem wedding in Bongao

Descending Bud Bongao was trickier with the slippery trail, taking longer than we expected. We arrived late for our boat crossing over to Simunul island. With the foreboding rain clouds casting a grey mood over the landscape, we decided to stay in Bongao and relent to an invitation to attend a Moslem engagement ceremony.I t just so happened that the son of the Tourism Council head, Ma'am Salve, is getting engaged to a beautiful moslem lass.I've only read about ceremonies like this in the books so we were curious. as Kit, the Tourism Operations Officer, describes it, this would mark the formal announcement of the couple's engagement along with the turnover of the dowry.
Whereas a Christian engagement would have the parents gather together for the formal announcement, the Moslem way calls for representatives of both parties to do it on their behalf as friends, relatives and neighbors play witness.

Apart from money and jewelry, there was also an offering of a truckload of foodstuff wrapped in festive colored wrappers. Oh, and there's also overflowing food and drinks for the guests as both Moslems and Christians (the groom-to-be is Christian) celebrate together, a picture of brotherhood and unity.


Sidney said...

Nice you were able to witness those engagement festivities.

Who got to pay the dowry? I guess the parents of the girl?

lagal[og] said...

sidney, the parents of the groom-to-be paid the dowry

Photo Cache said...

i would love to watch a muslim wedding too. i have seen a sikh wedding and it too was very colorful.

Lantaw said...

Swerte nyo bai to witness this!

Please visit my alter ego :)

escape said...

very interesting. galing ng timing ninyo ah. i only had the chance to witness a moslem wedding once.


i didnt know till now nag eexixt pa rin pala ganitong moslem rites... sa davao kasi though may mga moslem wedding but not as like this.... But i think tama lang din. this is their costum/tradition, they must preserve it!


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