Thursday, December 17, 2009

Batad: The morning after

On bended knees. A year of not hiking and suddenly launching into a lengthy trek can only mean an achy gait come morning. That it was even colder than the previous day only made walking seem like a newly-acquired skill. It was a privilege, however, to put our names on the "Wall of Fame" of Simon's Inn, adding to the list of people who have made it to the falls and back with knees (and sanity) intact.
Morning drama. We had breakfast before the sun emerged from a bank of thick clouds. It was amazing to see the sun illuminate the mountains and unveil the ampitheater little by little. I can't help but imagine how this place would look in April when the fields will be green with near full-grown rice.
What, more hiking? The trek to the saddle didn't come any easier because of lack of sleep and legs still reeling from the previous day's hike. We also had to play catch up since we wanted to ride back to Banaue on the same van rented out by the Korean group which left over an hour earlier. If we missed it, we'd have to make another hour-long hike to the junction and take our chances waiting for a jeep coming from Mayoyao. We made it in an hour and in time for the van's departure. I guess like the good weather, our luck held.

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FilipBlog said...

Again very nice landscape, I am amazed every time I see your pictures.


Lagalog Ramos said...

Filip, I don't want to sound too hard sell but there are a lot of beautiful places here in the Philippines. Maybe, I'd let the pictures speak for themselves. Thanks for dropping by again and happy browsing :D

Anonymous said...

yan yung pader sa baba ng hagdan na hirap hirap akong umakyat at bumaba after the trek. hehe!

napakaganda naman ng unang picture bro! iba talaga ang mata mo.

idol talaga. :)

Lagalog Ramos said...

erick :P kung hirap ka, pilay na pilay ako nun hahaha

thepinaysolobackpacker said...

I can't wait to go back to Batad after 9 years this April..I was really wondering if the fields will be green..good thing you mentioned it always, you never fail to impress me!..I rmmbr back in 2006 when I 1st stumbled on, I always see you commenting..didn't see your site until last year..and I've been a follower since.. :) Sigh...if only I can afford your workshops..I better start skipping meals para mapag-ipunan ka yan...hehe More power!! :)


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