Sunday, March 28, 2010

Banaue Backpack Photography - Lagalog's Gallery

For a change, Lagalog's captures take a backseat to the wonderful captures of our participants all taken during our recent Backpack Photography 101: Banaue Workshop.  Out of the images submitted to us, Ferdz and I made our individual choices.  I took the liberty of labeling them as I saw fit.  So sit back and enjoy these captures.

Abie's "Line Dancers"
© Abie Co
I love the way Abbie was able to frame the three dancers in a dynamic way without getting the other photographers into the frame.  It's almost like inviting the viewer to join the dance.

Agnes' "Lagoon Reflections"
© Agnes Goze
I really love the symmetry/asymmetry of the capture. I knew Agnes was up very early to get this shot.

Araceli's "Silip Kid"
© Araceli Habaradas
Patience has its rewards and Araceli was real patient in waiting for the opportune time to capture this one.  I think the expression, lighting and impact say it all.

Joy's "Dance of Joy"
© Joy Vega
This is spot-on dynamic, with Joy catching a fleeting moment of intensity, the frozen dancer seems ready to move anytime.

Loid's "Mga Bata sa Bintana"
© Loid Billones
I love the mood of this picture.  The wandering eyes speaks volume of the emotions of the kids.  Proof that your point and shoot can take dramatic captures given a good eye and timing.

Nids' "Zen Reflections"
© Nids Agillon
There's a very painting-like quality about this capture that I find very Zen-like.  Nice to stare at especially after a long, stressful day.

Miake's "Mumbaki"
© Miake Acedilla
By zooming up close to the face, Miake was able to show the expressive face of the tribal dancers' leader while showing details of his brightly-hued garb and headdress.
Ros' "Girl in Waiting"
© Ros Rosalia
Using a point and shoot, Ros was able to capture a moody image; she used the diminishing lines to lead the viewer's eyes from the subject to the distant brush.

Steph's "Ifugao Toothy Smile"
© Steph Rosalia
Armed with her point and shoot, Steph took an "in-your-face" route in capturing the expression and features of this Ifugao woman.

 Travel with us as we conduct a workshop in haunting Batanes this June 24-27, 2010.  For details, click here.


Oman said...

wow. ang galing naman ng mga shots. galing magturo ng mga masters. yoohoo.

have a blessed holy week bai.

lagal[og] said...

Oman, very talented yung mga participants kamo :D Happy easter in advance bai

escape said...

i like nids shots though all are really nice. astig photography sessions. kitang kita ang mga natututunan sa mga masters.

lagal[og] said...

Dom, me pagka-abstract 'no? Naku, I think the wondergirls are talented naman kasi :D

Unknown said...

i didn't know that we are now the wondergirls. aside from photography, sing and dance na din ang banat:D

thanks for the commendations oggie! refreshing to read it coming from somebody who's pictures i also admire.

Lagalog Ramos said...

Thanks Miake :D

fortuitous faery said...

the lagoon shots are truly zentastic!

Andrea said...

Haaaay Oggie, like what i've said in Ferdz' site, iba ang feeling pag kayo ni Ferdz at mga followers nyo dito ang nag appreciate, nagugulantang ako! But being called wondergirls seem 'hmmmm'! And calling us "talented", salamat ulit! I wonder why that Zen Reflection" is only 1 shot, while the others i took several. I think if we will only follow our intuition, it will always be good and will always bring us joy, and once is enough!

Thanks also to your friend DonG and "fortuitous faery" for appreciating my "zentastic" shot! I love that term ff.

Lagalog Ramos said...

Nids, of course you are talented. Personally, I think beautiful captures are largely based on gut feel and feeling the scene at times even before fully grasping what's in front of you.

A zentastic Easter to you :D

PinoyApache said...

I always love coming back here. Eye candies. God bless you, bai.

lagal[og] said...

Thanks bai!

Tina Galido said...

@SirOggie: I want to join din sa backpacking session nyo. Hopefully I can purchase a camera na .. but kahit wla pa, can I just join any of your trips kapatid?

lagal[og] said...

Hi Tins, photography workshop kasi ito so if you don't have a camera with you, you'll get bored. iba ang itinerary namin from a hike. We intentionally deviated from a pure hiking itinerary because that leaves little room for shooting in optimum light.

As this is a fun photography hike for the participants but a job for us facilitators, we work on site and look after each participant.


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