Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Thinking of yule

With Nov. 1 over, the yuletide holidays seem to be racing at full speed. The e-vat, the political crisis, energy crisis as well as other problems like the shrinking buying power of the peso, etc. may be all over us but then again, Christmas will always be Christmas. 

While I want some material things for myself, I'm constantly learning of ways to be selfless. Not to sound self-righteous but when I see people less fortunate than I am, I start thinking that hey, my life's not that bad at all. I look back at the people i met on my roadtrips - from Batanes to Gen. Nakar - they just have wishes simpler than Nano and PSP-filled dreams. and I am humbled. Surely I can spare them some of my precious time this yule.


Photography said...

nice shot and nice blog too. thanks

Unknown said...

hi oggie, i like this shot, christmas na christmas ang kulay hahahaha..red, green,blue and white..ang ganda ng contrast! oo nga lapit na xmas! uwi ba ko or not?!!! hehehe...i've slowed down a bit at work this week and am paving way to my training needs hehehe..it's always great to learn something new ;) anyways, let's all be merry!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

wow fresh poinsettias.....i love this shot! indeed you are so blessed to be able to go to these places and take pictures. advance merry xmas!


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