Monday, February 6, 2006

Big chill at Tayak

Even if our group was reduced to three, Tina, Ronnie and I plodded on our first dayhike for Rebruary. Destination: Mt. Tayak (aka Parang) in Laguna.  It was a light and breezy day trek but nothing prepared us for the gale-force, relentless, wind at the summit. To illustrate the point, Tina's lunch and ronnie's dessert were flying all over the hut. Even my daypack nearly became a kite. And hard as we tried to take a siesta, we can't because it felt like any moment, the wind will tear the hut from its concrete posts and hurl us across the nearby lowlands. The wind chill factor added to the biting cold. But the view of Laguna and Batangas was worth the chill. The mountains of Cristobal and Banahaw were imposing as if tempting us to give it a try (one of these days, we will).

Details on how to trek Mt. Tayak - Take the jam liner on taft headed for San Pablo City (fare: P111.50; around 2-2.5 hours from manila); ride tricycle to Rizal Elementary School (fare: P13.50/head); hike the Brgy. Sto. NiƱo trail (around 1.15-1.5 hours); hike from chapel to summit (approx. 20-30 minutes). heard there was a jeep for hire at the end of the paved road but the price is steep (P500).  Mt. Tayak seems more like a hill than a mountain so it's easy even for first-timers.


Unknown said...

sinagot mo na yung tanong ko sa latest post mo. alam ko na kung saan yung mt tayak. hehe. nagbabsa kasi ako ng post from present to previous post...

Just a human said...

Many of your pictures appeal to me because they remind me of my shunyata...which is a Buddhist concept that is often applied in meditation.

A shunyata is an image or memory that an individual can bring to mind to help foster a sense of peace and expansiveness. This is highly variable, as each person has their own mental snapshots or life experience that conjure up such emotions.

When I meditate, my shunyata is a vast meadow in New England.

Farmers will soon cut the green one last time for winter hay. But for now, it's tall enough so that the deer and bear that live in the forest can roam here without being seen. Some take rest here at night.

My meadow is ringed by mountains of pine and birch, and in a few spots, tips of orange and red can be seen, as the crips night air transforms the sugar maples.

As I stand there and take in this scene, the only sound present is the wind. It is a North wind that brings with it crisp scents -- of wet pine and leaves on the forest floor.

When I imagine that shunyata in my meditation...the horizon in my mind suddenly expands...making room for what arises.

Thanks for taking such marvelous pictures and reminding me of shunyata.


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