Monday, February 6, 2006

Tayak dayhike

The sun is shining. The clouds are drifting by. The breeze is blowing. The trail beckons. Some Saturdays are made for walking on the path less taken. (Photo taken at Mt. Tayak)


Just a human said...

a beautiful breath of fresh air -- and filled with the spirit.

i love your photos. i think i'll link you.

thanks for your post on my blog.

may you feel God in your fingertips today!

Unknown said...

ganda ng kuha, saan yang mt tayak?

samahan mo naman kami mt pinatubo sa july, libre kita, hehehe.

Photography said...

wow. buti pa kayo, you can travel a lot. anyhow, i'll have my time, hehehe.

thanks and God bless

Anonymous said...

Looks like a nice place for a weekend climb. Thanks again for the details. Useful sya.

SuperMomD2 said...

i wish i had the luxury of going to the mountains... but life's responsibilities take most of my time...



Anonymous said...

wow! great color selection. just wondering, taga asa ka bai? :-)


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