Monday, March 19, 2007

Ooh baby baby

Word do get around about this little photography hobby of mine. So was commissioned by my cousin to take captures of my inaanak, Cathy, for a contest. Hope I captured little gems in this series while I'm honing my skills in portraiture.


Anonymous said...

Ang cute nung first and especially the third pic. Cguro more on dreamy and soft lighting could enhance it more. But you're getting good at this, Oggie.

Anonymous said...

wala ka ba balak talaga gawing business ang photography! nakakapagod nga lang pero maganda na rates for digital photography sa mga occassion photo coverage.

lagal[og] said...

bro ferdz, thanks for the comment. unprocessed photos yan kasi. will take you up on a pp image to soften the image. nakaset kasi yan to sharp just to get the images sharp enough kasi malikot ang inaanak ko :-)

bro iskoo, hahahaha, one of these days, i will consider that. i'm enjoying the learning process.

Sidney said...

Cute! A sure winner !


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