Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Pasig - River of dreams

And what do we tell the next generation? This river, once extolled in songs and praised in poems is now nothing but a display of excesses, choked not just by lilies and effluent but a distant memory of how good it used to be?


Sidney said...

I think there is hope for the Pasig river! At least it is going into the right direction.
Too bad people first need to scew up things before they realize what they have done!

lagal[og] said...

well, things have to go wrong before we head for the right direction. in the case of the pasig river, it has to be really degraded. for decades, i think pinoys have chosen to ignore this despite knowing the fact that the river problem needs to be addressed. one good thing to come out of riding the pasig ferry is getting a quick ride and at the same time, seeing the work that needs to be done to rescuscitate this river.

Anonymous said...

We tell them how good this river used to be and how man neglected it as well. Maybe it's a challenge for the next generation to make something good out of it? With the help of technology and all? Singapore's river isn't very appealing either, pero ginawan nila ng gimmick (like a cruise tour), pinaganda lng nila, in terms of the surrounding environment and I think Pasig River can do much better.

Masubukan nga rin minsan tong ferry na to.

Anonymous said...

another series from the pasig river ferry.

have yet to board that ferry but i've toured that last year (though I only blogged about it last january)

we're you using a small camera? I heard they again prohibit taking pictures there particularly malacanang

lagal[og] said...

tutubi, the use of a camera is allowed save for the strip along malacanang. i used my dslr for the captures.

Anonymous said...

matagal na akong nagbabalak na sumakay sa bagong ferry sa ilog pasig. nakikita ko kasi yung mga terminal sa guadalupe ang ganda, daing pa ang mga MRT terminal sa architecture. gusto ko sumakay kasi di ko pa nababaybay yang ilog pasig.

lagal[og] said...

bro iskoo,

sakay na. it's cool, it's clean. the views are eye-opening.


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