Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bohol backtrack: Hinagdanan Cave

As a matter of posterity, am posting this image from the Hinagdanan cave.  It was crowded when we went (as expected since it was the holy week) and really wasn't able to fully enjoy the thrill.


Anonymous said...

For a low light shot, ang ganda ng noise levels nung camera. Parang walang noise nga eh. TAma ba nakikita ko? Me naliligo?

lagal[og] said...

bro ferdz, thanks. i almost always shoot with a tripod para i can keep the iso down to 200 and use longer exposure times. and your eyes aren't fooling you because the water seems alright for bathing (although travel guide books don't recommend it kasi still water siya, may harbor organisms, et al :-))

lba said...

wow ang ganda. it must be awesome to walk beneath those natural rock formations.

Anonymous said...

that cave was a letdown for me...
kahit di HW ang dami tao

someday, when an escalator is in place they will change the name

I prefer places where no other people are around... hehe


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