Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bohol backtrack: Loboc Bridge - A monumental folly

Tutubi's comment on Baclayon prompted me to post this as an afterthought. The back story was that officials during the time of Marcosian rule aimed at building a bridge crossing the Loboc River to impress the strongman. The folly was that to complete the bridge, the centuries-old Loboc Church has to give way. Construction came to a complete halt with the 1986 People's Power revolt, as "divine" intervention stopped what public outcry cannot.


Anonymous said...

Je passe ici pour la 1ère fois et je découvre de superbes endroits des Philippines que je ne connais pas ! A voir!

Sidney said...

Bohol is now really on top of my list!
Hopefully next Holy Week 2008 ...

lagal[og] said...

@lasiate, i apologize but i don't understand french. but thanks for dropping by :-D

@sidney, glad to convince you somehow :-) i think i was able to convince ferdz to visit soon, i hope


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