Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Dumaguete Trip - Day 01: Dusk over Dumaguete

Hoping for a decent sunset, we returned early to Dumaguete to freshen up, buy budbod kabog (a native delicacy like suman but made from millet bird seed (hence the name kabog) instead of sticky rice. Was out on a mission on this one as I’ve twice tried and twice missed out on this native treat in my previous trips. The verdict: yummy. Not having much to night shoot, we whiled away the time at the breakwater, eating the budbod kabog before heading to Jo’s Chicken Inato, my second food trip mission in Dumaguete. Was ravenously hungry from the so-so breakfast and lunch, had two chicken orders, gambas and coconut halo-halo. It’s worth all those times waiting to taste this pride of Dumaguete.

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Andrea said...

My travel buddy and I were booked by our Cebuano hosts in one of those cheaper hotels (compared to Bethel) for a few days training-workshop. While we have one full day to ourselves, we bought 3kg jackfruit in the market and ate it in front of the breakwaters at the Boulevard, while watching the foreigners with their lady companions. Can you imagine a tummy with 1.5kg nangka inside? !!


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