Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Dumaguete Trip - Day 01: Who let the dogs out?

Here’s Ferdz aka Ironwulf aka dog whisperer. Believe me, everywhere we went, dogs were practically following (read: hounding) him. Hmmm, something to speculate on (and I thought I was the original dog whisperer, hehehe). Seriously, this talented photographer/ webmaster/dog whisperer kept yours truly in stitches throughout the trip. My favorite question: for the nth time, tell me why did I ever join this trip? Go figure, hahaha. Next question: if by chance you meet us on the road, please tell me who’s the bigger clown, hahaha.


Anonymous said...

Hehehe. Hindi palagay ko naamoy lang nila pagkain sa Bag ko. :P

lagal[og] said...

hala bai, nasa iyo kasi lagi yata yung budbod kabog at suman, hahaha

Andrea said...

Uy magkasama na pala kayo 2007 pa! How far is the hike to the falls from the end of the road, where the motorcycle sent you? We were brought by our friends to Forest Camp, also in Valencia. Maybe the river there is kadugtong ng Casaroro Falls, malakas e!


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