Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cebu Pacific blues

I'm a regular Cebu Pacific passenger and am generally pleased with the airline.B ut recent events make me ponder: is Cebu Pacific getting a lot more passenger traffic than it can handle? Or are its systems in need of honest-to-goodness troubleshooting? Last weekend, we were enroute to Cagayan de Oro, arriving early in Terminal 3 to find very long, snaking lines. By the time the public address system announced the final call for boarding for our 4.20am trip, there were a lot of grumbling passengers who were still in line to check-in their luggages. Seems to me that the centralized line for all destinations is simply not working. Passengers who check-in very early for the flights compete with those with earlier flights and only add to the already long queue. We ended up flying hungry after missing breakfast.

On a trip to Samar over a month ago, my art director's tripod ended up being sent to Cagayan de Oro. While CebuPac volunteered to forward the tripod to us, it was forwarded to Boracay. Oh, the tripod made it back to my art director's home -- after our trip. Now that made me apprehensive if that same thing happened to me on a photo assignment/business trip. Maybe, somebody over at CebuPac might read this post and enlighten us with some answers.


Anonymous said...

we have the same setiments bro, regarding the single line check in. It's the first thing I noticed when I first arrived in their new terminal.


my gulch said...

i am also a frequent of this airline and except for the deflected check-in baggages, i guess i will have to re-echo the same complaint. di talaga maganda yung centralized check-in nila. bukod sa nakakalito, malaking abala sa ibang pasahero na malapit ng mag-boarding. pati international flights nila, centralized din kase nung nagpunta ko Mount Kinabalu, isa lang pila. nalito pa ko nung una. ayun, pati boarding ko nagkaloko-loko, hehe.

anyway, sana magawan ng paraan. madami pa namang passengers ang airline na ito.

lagal[og] said...

chad, sinabi mo pa bro. that single line check-in simply isn't working. i've traveled twice na with that system and each time, hassle siya.

rayts, your comment hit it right on the head. i wonder how they would cope during the holiday peak season.

Photo Cache said...

Love your header.

Lantaw said...

sorry to hear about your bad experience with cebu pacific.

I had to go home last thu due to a family emergency, bought my ticket just hours before the flight, went to the airport with nothing but a locator number. I was able to breeze through the lines, folks were very helpful since my flight leaves in just an hour. I've seen the loooongg lines and it was a good thing I didn't have any baggage. to check in.

On the flight back to Manila, their plane was late! But it was a good thing, for me at least. I was able to get some sunset shots from the air haha

escape said...

that's a sad experience oggie. hirap nga pag ganun. lalo na kung importanteng item ang na misplace nila. so far hindi pa namn ako nakaranas ng problema sa flight ko sa cebu pac pero pansin ko nga na hindi effective ang one line sa check in. tama yung point mo dito. hirap to pag masyad ng maaming flight na magkasabay-sabay ang dating ng tao.

sana maayos nila to bago pa dadami ang mga complain.


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