Saturday, December 6, 2008

Coming again to Camiguin

Maybe it's true what the stories say, that Camiguin has an otherworldly charm that keeps the visitor coming back again and again. Maybe I'm being true to its phonetic sound-alike, "come again", for this is my third trip to this island off Misamis Oriental.

As with any trip, pre-journey sleep is a precious commodity to me. Maybe it was excitement. or maybe an omen. But nevertheless, it's another long weekend I wouldn't want to waste. The nice part of catching a red-eye flight apart from the lower fare is that you get to your destination with enough daylight to do some exploring. The long queue at the check-in counter in Manila left us hungry on the flight to Cagayan de Oro enroute to Balingoan port. Our breakfast was a bit harried as we wanted to catch the 9.30 ferry to Benoni so we made amends by treating ourselves to a welcome lunch at j&a at the Tanguines Lagoon near the port.Finding our lodging, Secret Cove Resort, in Yumbing on the north-western side of the island was easy since we rode a multicab vehicle. Lack of sleep, the afternoon heat and the airconditioned room all connive to tempt us to slack off for the afternoon but we looked for a habal (public motorcycle) to take us to Katibawasan Falls and later, the Sunken Cemetery in Bonbon, just two towns away.Here's where my double heartbreak began. First, I find Katibawasan Falls less and less appealing with each trip -- the cascades are dry, the facilities were still in the same sorry state I've seen two years ago. And second, having shot Katibawasan twice in the past, I was looking for another angle when alas, my camera fell on the rocks beyond repair. The incident left me uninspired to even admire the Sunken Cemetery as the sun set.

But as they say, there's a lesson learned from this mishap -- to be a lot more careful next time. On the other hand, I'm very grateful I'm traveling with my best buddy who unselfishly shared his DSLR with me for the duration of the trip. My hat goes off to you wulf. 

Transportation tips: Multicab (multipurpose vehicles) and habal (public motorcycle) drivers at the port are wont to charge varying rates, anywhere from P1200-2000 for a day's tour. Always haggle to get the best possible price and clarify the routes/destinations covered. Motorcycles can be rented for around P400-500/day and are the cheapest (as well as faster) way to go around.


Oman said...

sorry about the cam bro. one of my sad experiences was when my camera was stolen in a resort i am staying and it happened on my last day of the trip. just imagine the heavy feelings i got because all my shooting efforts i had the previous days were also taken away from me. it taught me to be more careful eversince.

Sidney said...

A broken camera...that is definitely no fun... but the good part can buy a shiny new camera ! ;-)

escape said...

thats sad oggie. knowing that a lot of the best shots you've taken came from that camera. it already witnessed all your trips including vietnam. at nakita at nahawakan ko pa yan last time. buti na rin at kasama mo si ferdz at hndi pa rin bitin ang byahe mo.

Lantaw said...

ika nga nila, every cloud has a silver lining. good things will come your way soon :)

lagal[og] said...

oman, that's one sad thing to happen. oh well, guess we all have our travel stories to tell.

sidney, that's true, though an expensive proposition. will be back to shoot in no time at all :D

dom, onga eh, apart from the market value, it's also the sentimental value of the camera that makes me wax sentimental. tsk tsk. at least nga, kasama ko si ferdz and all was not lost because of his unselfishness to share shooting with me.

bai allan, i sure hope so :D sana makabawi :)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I've never been to Camiguin so this should be in my next destination list! :D I should've been in Boracay last weekend...but, canceled my flights. :( wahhh...

Xang said...

I super like this falls! I wish i can come back to Camiguin.

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