Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Faces of Myanmar

Myanmar has been in the news the past months; when an American swam a river to get to exiled political leader Ang Suu Kyi's house and much recently, when surveillance revealed North Korea moving arms to this country. sri kali temple boyLooking back to my trip now, I hardly felt the military presence save for a stopover at the checkpoint halfway from Bagan to Yangon and the airport staff in military uniforms. Maybe because meeting the locals, I really felt the warmth and hospitality of the Burmese.shwedagon red on redNo fake smiles and expressions here, just happiness that permeates from smiling, welcoming faces. I just thought it would be nice to share some of the faces of people I've met along the way, perchance to give a bit of insight as to Myanmar beyond the headlines.popa seller smiles


Ferdz said...

Love this post. :-D You captured their smiles well. People in Myanmar certainly are having a hard time there, but I guess like Filipinos, it doesn't stop them from smiling.

mandino said...

You've got such nice shots! :) I like them :) Maybe you could try joining contest... It would be cool and you could win cool prizes.. :D

escape said...

as always, you've captured it so well. wait till i get my hands on a dslr or a more enhanced point and shoot camera. papaturo talaga ako.

how can they be compared to filipino hospitality?

Photo Cache said...

that man is wearing lunggi on the first photo. i guess the use is more widespread than i expected.

those smiles make the trip worthwhile.

lagal[og] said...

thanks ferdz.

dom, sige lang, will give you pointers. very hospitable ang mga burmese. yung iba, nahihiya dahil not a lot understand english kasi.

photo cache, almost all the men i saw wore longyi's so i guess it's the most preferred mode of dressing. even among the women, it's very popular. iba lang ang pagkatali - sa babae, sa gilid, sa lalaki, sa harap. said...


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fortuitous faery said...

they're all so charming! especially the biker dude!

Oman said...

ang galing. talagang isa sa mga traits mo ang pagkuha ng emotions ng mga tao. that sets you apart from the rest. keep it up.

lagal[og] said...

thanks mga kaibigan :D

paoruiz said...

well captured. =)

Anonymous said...

Sublime! You have impressive shots and great post, makes me wonder,why you're not the country's top blogger coz I believe you're the best!*wink wink* Keep 'em coming! =)

Anonymous said...

Sublime! You have impressive shots and great posts! For me, you're the the country's top blogger! Keep 'em coming! =)

Lagalog Ramos said...

Thanks PinaySoloBackpacker :D Kakatuwa naman yung comment mo


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