Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Why Garden: Co-creating With Nature Is A Step Towards Less Consumerism


Moringa Oleifera (Malunggay in Filipino)

One of my favorite non-fiction author, Michael Pollan, whose books include "Botany of Desire," "Cooked," and "The Omnivore's Dilemma," posed the question, "Why make your own bread or beer when you can buy them for only how much at the store?" to paraphrase him. Indeed. 

The answer is that we've lost touched with how our food is grown and produced. We've left the growing and production (also over-processing) to faceless workers and corporations who make us laboratory rats of their sinister recipes. Maybe, we shouldn't be surprised if the young kids (or new generation) thinks the food they eat are grown in supermarkets. And talk about the current state of obesity and poor health.

Saturday, June 1, 2024

Kombucha Home Brewing: Exploring My Relationship with Life, Death, and Bacterial and Fungal Friends

Feasting on the yeast
It's a long time coming. I've always wanted to go lacto-ovo vegetarianism but due to financial reasons, I've had to delay it until last month. I've also wanted to try my hand in brewing my own probiotics and prebiotics. The opportunity came only recently when I tried my luck on getting my own Scoby. To the un-initiated, that's Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast in longspeak.

Sure, it costs a bit to invest in some jars, a good Scoby, and basic ingredients. But I'm only too happy to have started making my own brew. Commercially available Kombucha is, after all, not cheap -- going anywhere from P180 to P350 a bottle. And nothing beats freshly brewed anyway. 

Refusing further abuse after a lifetime of toxic and narcisistic treatment from a family member

Image from Hands India site

What would you do if an older sibling refuse to do something after finding out that a fellow-sibling is sick and needs medical attention? 

What would you do if, after the sick sibling passes, that older sibling still insists on inaction?

What would you do if, after a lifetime of verbal and physical abuse, your older sibling remains toxic, narcissistic, and plays the victim?

In my case, I opt to give up and disown that sibling. Life is challenging as it is. I've never had anything handed to me.All my life, I worked so hard to get whatever little extra I get to enjoy, and in all honesty, it ain't much. My faith has fluctuated between agnosticism to atheism, and somewhere in between. And this toxic sibling relationship isn't helping any.

Sometimes, you just have to refuse to accept bullshit. Sometimes, you just to admit that life isn't really fair, hasn't been, and maybe, always will be.

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