Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Foster Journal: Getting Buddy Brownie From The City Pound

It seems foolish to pay for the fee to redeem one of my street foster dogs, Buddy Brownie, from the pound when 1) she's really under the care of another human, and 2) I may never get to see her again.  But that's what I did.  You can say it's love and it is true.  I can't also bear the thought of being able to help her when I can even if it means borrowing money to pay for the fee.  It's been a month or so since I lost Gamma due to a wayward vehicle and man, my heart can only take so much. In another parallel dimension where I may be a rich man, I would've likely adopted you along with my other fosters but for the time being, I'm just too glad and happy to know your life as well as that of your puppies were spared.  Maybe, I can still see you in the future if fate would be kinder to both of us.  I have no doubt you're part of my coterie of soul animals.  Honestly, I really don't understand being given the gift of bonding with other sentient beings but not the wherewithal to actually adopt them.  Each and every one of my fosters deserve a loving home.

Monday, May 16, 2022

Maligcong Journal: Spotted Some Birds But Spent More Time Reading, Cooking, Bonding With My Canine Friends

Red Rumped Swallow
The beauty of having no set itinerary in mind is the flexibility to do a lot of nothing.  Case in point: It rained 3 of 7 afternoons I was here in Maligcong which kept me from walking the terrace paths to go birding.  Also, when I did walked in the afternoon, I was escorted by a coterie of canines - some 7-8 of them and it's tricky to keep them in tow.  Even the diminutive Shihua tagged along and one time I spotted an adult Mountain Verditer Flycatcher, a campaign 4x4 vehicle was going to pass our way and I had to grab her out of the way since the driver may not see her at all.  By the time I returned to the bird's spot, it was not there anymore.  But it's okay, I have little to no expectations of spotting new birds or hiking up Mts Kupapey or Fato.  I'm just too happy to see my human and canine friends as well as find myself in a new environment.


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