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 • Lagalog does not solicit paid reviews.  All reviews/articles are the author's own except where indicated.  I do not have ghost writers nor do I outsource my content.
• It is the author's policy to indicate if the review or article was written upon the invitation of an establishment or entity and/or if the article used was lifted from a another publication or written by another author 
• Lagalog promotes responsible blogging by indicating the source of facts used in his articles

Disclaimer on content:  
All information including contact numbers, emails, etc. are accurate at the time of posting.  The author will not be responsible for changes in these details after posting.

Disclaimer on advertising: 
Lagalog is an independent site.  The content/views/messages of the advertisers on this site do not reflect the views, opinions, and principles of the author nor influence his content.  For sponsored posts, images are procured through the advertiser/s in the understanding that the copyright or permission to use such images were secured by the advertiser/s beforehand.

All images are © All Rights Reserved
Due to repeated cases of unauthorized image grabbing, I would like to remind the kind reader that all the images I'm using in this site are my own and/or used with attribution.  My own images are © All Rights Reserved and thus, may not be used without my permission.  As per intellectual property rights, images and copy are the author's properties upon their creation.


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