Thursday, March 7, 2019

Flights of Fancy: The Poetry of Maligcong Birding eBook takes flight

It took awhile to assemble this personal pet project, even longer to shoot enough materials to create a decent-sized resource but here it is.  Please welcome my newest eBook, Flights of Fancy:  The Poetry of Maligcong Birding.  18 or so months of shooting and ogling the flying wildlife of Maligcong spread over numerous trips and research went into this labor of love.  The original intent remains as it was conceived:  to give locals as well as visitors to Maligcong, Bontoc, a resource for identifying some of the birds that visit the place as well as serve as an inspiration for would-be naturalists/birders/environmental warriors.  Birds are good biological indicators of the state of the local environment; their presence or absence speak well of the current state of their habitats which is more and more being shared (or should I say, encroached on) by humans.  Strangely, they seem to be invisible to most people -- to the city slickers because their minds are far removed from nature; to the locals because they seem commonplace -- that we often notice them in their decline or loss. 

In any case, I hope the book lives up to its noble purpose.  It is in no way comprehensive nor infallible, rather it is hope being put forward in an eBook.  I aim to update it in future trips when I get to encounter more birds.   Meanwhile, I will be posting a page of the book per week from hereon.

MY NIKON LINK.  Before I forget, this eBook also serves as my continuing link to Nikon.  After 12 years of using Nikon DSLRs, I have made a switch to Sony mirrorless last year.  However, my Nikon B700 remains my shooting partner for birding (unless the heavens open up and Sony sends me an A9 and 100-400 lens lol.  Other than that, Nikon sends me a Z6 and 500mm f/5.6 lens LOL.  Seriously, I'm very content with my Nikon B700 and have come to love its portability, perched securely on my backpack strap via Peak Design Capture clip, alternating space with my Sony A6000.

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