Saturday, April 30, 2016

Lagalog Inforganic: Green Organic Fixes for Plant Mineral Deficiencies

It's summer and a nice time to tend the garden, sow new seeds, and reconnect to the earth. My earlier sowing of lettuce may have dried up due to the constant 30-35 degree heat but it won't keep me from trying. Anyway, saw an interesting and informative pictograph from through Grow Your Own Food seed hop in FB and thought it useful. Kinda hard to read though so I recycled (there's a green word) the information and came up with my own illustrations for the infographic above (I call it the Inforganic). It's a free resource for organic growers, easily stored on tablets and smartphones for at-a-glance reference.

Attribution:  Content inspiration: • All illustrations and layout © 2016 Oggie Ramos,

Monday, April 25, 2016

Thyme After Thyme: Straightforward Info on Planting and Caring for Herbs

The temperature's hovering somewhere around 30-31 degrees on the night I'm writing this post.  Yeah, summer's here alright and probably, the only things that really relish the heat are my ledge/balcony plants.  I've sown some lettuces some weeks back but because of the heat and some soil problems, they bolted early and dried up.  Doesn't mean I won't try again.  I'm also trying to get started on a herb garden anew even with my location's limitations on available sunlight (trying is the word).  

Page 3
There's a trove of growing information on the internet for would-be hobbyists and gardeners but my main observation is, they're all over the place.  A lot are just copy-and-paste versions of the more substantial sites.  A lot of sites also try to rehash the same info, attempting to hide them with a lot of fluff (time wasters as far as I'm concerned) that I think deserve to go into the composting pile.

One time I got fed up with reading a lot of prose that I read through the info and sifted the pertinent data, came up with my own illustrations (yes, I do draw in my spare time), and compiled the information in an easier to read compendium I entitled "Thyme After Thyme".  Hopefully, this free resource helps other people get into the planting habit.  


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