Monday, January 9, 2017

Hopping to Sambawan Island and Heading Back to Biliran After 9 Years

Sambawan Island's northwest side and Maripipi Island towards sunset
The first and last time visited Biliran was in the cusp of 2008, almost nine years ago, when Sambawan was an uninhabited island off Maripipi northwest of the main island.  I had pleasant impressions of the place and wondered why such a beautiful destination seemingly attracts so very few tourists.  Maybe it was because of news/hearsays/whispers of insurgency something the locals refuted then and refuted up to the present.  That almost a decade has passed and Biliran it seems is under the radar of most people; case in point: people who ask me where I'm going would likely not know where the province is if I say "I'm headed for Biliran" so the inclination is to instead make a pronouncement "I'm headed for Leyte."  Well, Biliran used to be a sub-province of Leyte until 1992 but over two and a half decades later, it seems Biliran is yet to step out of Leyte's shadow.

Riding the Van Van transport from Tacloban, we alighted in Naval town center that seems busier (more prosperous) from what I remembered from before.  There were mini-malls, branches of national store chains (Cebuana Lhuillier, Monterey Meat Shop, Mercury Drug) and banks (Landbank, Metrobank).  Still, I get this impression that out-of-towners are still few.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Lagalog Poetography Featured in Hive Hotel New Website

This body of work was actually shot a year ago but the new Hive Hotel website was just completed.  The new site features my photography work from the insets to the main images so I'm mighty proud of this.   Visit


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