Monday, September 25, 2017

Seda Vertis North: A Working Staycation and Finding New Angles on Things Filipino in QC

To say QC is on the upswing seems to be an understatement.  I live in Makati but acknowledge the fact that the more interesting eats seem to be mostly located north, especially in the Timog-Morato-Brgy Paligsahan-Maginhawa areas.  There's a wide array of accommodations for the itinerant traveler/foodie/tourist or the occasional staycationer as well, ranging from modest hostels to boutique hotels and more upscale digs.  Add one more to that latter category with the auspicious rise of Seda Vertis North.

LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION.  There's no better time than the traffic-ridden present to underscore this important criteria, when going from Makati to QC can become more like a journey to the hinterlands than to a neighboring city.  To test for accessibility, I forego getting a Grab ride and take the MRT instead, boarding down at the Trinoma station; afterwards, it's a short walk towards Astra Drive just adjacent to the Trinoma parking area.  Maybe I got lucky on a Saturday following a recent holiday as it took less than an hour from home to hotel.

Seda Vertis North is located near EDSA but slightly buffered by a sizable space.  I mention this as I've stayed in hotels right smack by the roadside and no amount of sound insulation (glass, drapes, sound-dampening walls) can really filter out the vehicular noise.  My room window faces the west but happily, it was hard to hear road noise from where I stayed on the 15th floor.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Anilao, Batangas: Of Stormy Shores and Digital Detoxing

And so the digital detox continues on its fourth week.  Still waiting for my phone replacement. Not exactly out of touch as I still have a 9 year old Nokia with a prepaid SIM just for emergencies; to call but not be called. I'm not exactly missing a lot I guess as I don't live online. 

In some ways, it could be some cause for alarm finding yourself seaside during a storm (though typhoon Gorio didn't exactly pass through Batangas, skimming some distance away from the eastern seaboard) but traveling out of season, as I've written often, has its perks. It was tempting to just stay indoors most of the time and rest as I wasn't feeling well. But the sea view and the breezes can really do wonders to one's frail state of health.  Lots of quiet time and virtually zero online presence meant a bit more time for introspection -- there are certainly a lot of things on my mind. Perhaps much like the storm brewing elsewhere on the other side of the country's coast.  Perhaps like the waves making the Balayan Bay listless.  A good time as any to think about real life outside the virtual realm and the journey ahead.


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