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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Aroma Beach in Morong, Bataan: A Tummy-Busting Chillout of a Weekender

Swinging above the beach water at sunset
The Aroma toiletry kit
Bill Bryson, one of my all-time favorite travel writers, once wrote that nowadays, most people seem to enjoy nature through a glass barrier, either in an artificial climate-controlled room or vehicle.  Instead of fully connecting with the outdoors, people can sometimes be wary of what's out there, never fully immersing in nature, the fresh air, the warm sand, the billowy leaves, the crawling critters, and the flying creatures.  I would like to think myself an anomaly to the general thinking, which is why, this invitation to sleep out under the stars in Bagac, Bataan for our first trip this year with longtime friends is something I simply cannot let pass.

My mother's side of the family hails from nearby Limay but goodness, I haven't really been frequenting Bataan for travels.  The last few times I've been there were strictly for business, shooting a shipyard and a campus for various clients; for adventure travel, I only ventured here to hike up Mt. Tarak back when I was still active in mountaineering. 

NAGLAYAS NAG-ALSA BALUTAN, NAG-CHILLOUT SA BATAAN.  Morong is some 141 or so kilometers away, a 3-3 1/2 hour commute by bus from Metro Manila.  To get to Aroma Beach Station, we had to ride a boat headed northeast from the shores near Bagac Bay Beach Resort.  It's a 25-minute ride on the boat decked with lounging beach chairs headed towards the landscapes and seascapes that resemble fingers when viewed from the air.  I was sleepy on the bus trip and subsequent boat transfer so after a very hearty mid-morning snack and lunch, sleep was my priority.  It wasn't hard to give in to slumber as our accommodation was an open air bamboo cottage facing the sea, the ground level made from bamboo with stair steps leading to a tree house.  Even during high noon, it was cool and conducive to slumber.


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