Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Maligcong Meanderings: Lagalog, Kunig, and a Break of Deliberate Slowness

Planting season is here
I alighted the jeepney and walked briskly into the familiar compound. Suzette Che-es, the owner of the homestay, immediately came into view and greeted me.  Then, my peripheral vision caught sight of a brown blur of fur.  Kunig!  He took a sniff then jumped up and down, tail waggling wildly, his snout breaking into an unmistakeable grin.  This affectionate mongrel did remember me!  I may have an unofficial moniker of "Og Whisperer" but I certainly didn't expect such a warm welcome. Honestly, it more than made up for over 18 hours of sitting -- six hours waiting at the Victory Liner station in Malibay, Pasay for a Baguio-bound bus; six and a half hours for the trip to Baguio; another six hours going to Bontoc; and a 20 minute jeepney ride to Maligcong.  Such a long trip to take a short break, you might say.  But sniffing in the nippy breeze, taking in the quiet broken only by the jeepney's engine, cackling hens and occasional dog barks, not to forget finding a second home here complete with a lovable canine, it doesn't sound so foolish at all.
Kunig, my adopted canine, surveying the sunset scene in Maligcong


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