Friday, February 28, 2020

RARE Philippines, AG Saño and the Power of Murals to Save the Seas

Murals have the power to shape perceptions.  The art form isn't portable but very public.  To paraphrase what environmentalist and mural artist, AG Saño, said, a mural is too big to take home but big enough, powerful enough to make an impact so the viewer takes the message home with him.  I'm letting the images tell the story by sharing this photo essay by Yasmin Arquiza.  Images taken by yours truly, using Sony A6000 & A6400 cameras. 

Please click this link to view the photo essay.

Monday, February 10, 2020

Banaue Heritage Hotel: A Bit of Glamming Up, Living It Up beside a Priceless Museum

Banaue Heritage Hotel Entrance
It was almost two years ago when we found ourselves here at the Banaue Heritage Museum in Bissang, Tam-an and that time, I wrote about our encounter with the supernatural.  Fastforward to a few weeks ago when we got news (plus an invite to a preview) that the inn adjoining the wonderful museum is now a full-pledged heritage hotel which is indeed, a wonderful development.   

Travelers to Banaue and adjoining places in the province can now enjoy what I call a "luxed-up/glammed-up" choice in terms of accommodations.  The government-run institution, Banaue Hotel, still has traces of grandeur but in much need of upgrades and improvements so a place like the Banaue Heritage Hotel is indeed a welcome addition.


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