Thursday, November 30, 2023

Composting in the City: Just Simplify It

I understand that Youtube channels on gardening will like to bait viewers on the intricacies of composting but I honestly think it should be downright simple. A lot of the kitchen scraps that usually get thrown into the trash can go to a simple composting pail. Even fallen leaves that otherwise go into the trash bin gets a new lease of life, literally, in the compost. Add some soil, and wait. Patience is the key, especially if you don't add brown elements into the fray. 

But then again, it's liberating to free up cuttings from veggies, banana peels, fruit peels, garlic and onion peels, fallen leaves from the garden, egg shells, and used coffee grounds from the trash and put them to good use in the garden. Some may say it's practically negligible but I disagree. It's something. And months down the road, I have a free resource for the growing plants to feed on, stuff that would have otherwise added to the landfill.

Sunday, November 26, 2023

Gardening Notes: When The Universe Sends You Something To Affirm Your Faith In Humanity

A green set of gifts -- Alocasia and Caladium

It's been a kinda bittersweet couple of months, especially, the last few weeks. I would've thought that there was relief coming to my corner of the world after a trying period from last year -- losing my job, getting sick with Long COVID-19 (4 months), selling my belongings to survive, being scammed, getting close to getting employment about thrice but not clinching it, getting sick with psoriasis, getting scammed again, and getting scammed still one more time. The past month, one of my brothers suffered a stroke. Honestly, if there's a reset or reboot button, I would've pressed it long ago.  I admire my sister for all she had to put up with. I can't do even half of what she does.

The other day, I was particularly on the low side of moods -- my two-month-old Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse faltered (my best bud called it Lugi-tech). I'm facing a payday with one day less pay. I mean, c'mon Universe. 

Then, I met a 2-3 year old cute kid wearing a shirt that says "Today is going to be a great day." Hmmm, I get the humor but I feel pained. I felt like telling the Universe, "you think that's funny, huh?" 


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