Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Piety at a time of crisis

Pieta sculpture at the Malate church perhaps underscores the importance of piety and selflessness, of reaching out to the heavens as well as looking deeply into ourselves if we want to find a solution to our country's deep-seated problems.


Anonymous said...

hi oggie,

i saw your batanes photos on flickr and recognized one of the fellows you were with during your climb to mt. iraya.... he's my friend and it seems that we were all there on the same island at the same time nung holy week nung march! =)

anyways, ang ganda ng mga photos mo and ang sipag mo mag-shoot =) ...ang dami mo rin napuntahan sa batanes na hindi namin napuntahan while we were there...sayang! =) anyhow, are you a member of the phphoto egroup?


Anonymous said...

i agree with u. things will be better as long as we keep the faith and hope. touching pics of the churches and the sculpture....


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