Friday, April 30, 2004

Mo' music

Just a lull in the work pace to give me just enough time perhaps to chronicle an interesting discovery, this website on soul artists -- Great info on the soul greats from George Benson to Smokey Robinson.

I agree that Benson's "Breezin'" album's gotta be one of the most influential jazz- instrumental albums of all time.
I consider myself extremely lucky to have scored a CD copy quite a long time ago and it is still considered a priceless treasure on my collection that I will take anywhere I will go. There are pieces on all-4-one ("So in Love", "I Can Love You Like That"), Lionel Richie ("Love Will Find A Way," "You Are"),  Hall and Oates ("She's Gone", "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling"), Anita Baker ("Sweet Love," "Givin' You the Best that I've Got"), Smokey Robinson ("Being With You," "Cruisin'"), Patti Austin, Michael Mcdonald (so many beautiful songs to mention), Bobby Caldwell ("What You Won't Do for Love," "Heart of Mine"), Donny Hathaway ("The Closer I Get to You," "Where Is the Love" with the inimitable Roberta Flack), Bill Withers ("Ain't No Sunshine," "Lean on Me," "Lovely Day"), Stylistics ("Betcha by Golly Wow"), Spinners ("Just As Long As We Have Love," "Then Came You"), Kool and the Gang ("Joanna," "Cherish"), James Ingram ("There's No Easy Way," "Yah Mo Be There"), Al Green ("Let's Stay Together"), The Temptations ("My Girl"), Tavares ("More Than a Woman," "Hard Core Poetry").  It's so wonderful coming across a great site and reminiscing on so many songs that have imprinted themselves on my brain.

Even a visit to Anita Baker's and Kevyn Lettau's sites made my mind wander. My copy of Anita Baker's first major CD, "Rapture," is ensconced in my collection. It was hard to believe Arista considered her as a "no-voice" artist. I consider her voice is high up there with the great Sarah Vaughan and Rapture, especially "Sweet Love," was strong proof of that. Lettau is on the other side of the coin, her Brazilian-influenced stylings are infectious and endearing.
  I  always sing along to "Sunlight" everytime I hear it, especially that rousing bridge. Her lesser-known "Language of Flowers" is an absolute favorite, with the joyful "Heart of My Heart" and the quietly-sobering "So Far Away."

if there ever was a doubt that one's brain could hold on to so much info, the fact that i remember so much songs completely erases that fact.

p.s. faith hill sung "if i'm not in love with you," for the movie "chasing liberty." it's a luminous ballad i first heard from kathy troccoli from way back in 1994, a version i still love. it's a nice surprise though to hear it again a decade later, the lyrics haven't aged and the luminescence of the ballad still intact.

P.S. 2 - Yesterday was another busy yet nice day in the sense that apart from being able to work out in the evening and rest after that,
I got two emails from sites I'm writing to. Both were requests for my permission to use the materials I wrote. The first to be translated for Spanish-speaking Cuban volleyball fans and the second from Maya, the mind masseuse, on my thoughts and suggestions on how to destress and relax. Maybe, just maybe, I can probably have a future writing something else than advertising. Hmmm, another food for thought... _c"_ggie

p.s. 3 - Tom's edition: Gloria Estefan


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