Thursday, June 3, 2004

Ben & Jen, and a funny thing i discovered.... and it's about me

Nope, ain't talking about the ice cream brand. Rather, this is about Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston in "Along Came Polly." It's not as funny as "There's Something about Mary," but there's a deeper moral to the story here -- which is "move on with life."  I'm a big fan ofBben, with his deadpan-style of comedy.  I had some bouts of intense laughs, too, so I guess it's worth watching for an hour and a half. Love jenny here, guess she's really moving on now that "friends" has concluded its amazing 10-year run. Brad Ppitt's super-lucky to have a be-a-u-u-t-i-f-u-l wife!

Missed dinner with the CentralCircle group last night. But am looking forward to a short trip to Tagaytay on Sat with B2&D2, barring overtime (again). Really want to breathe fresh, unpolluted air for a change. Been feeling a bit under the weather from the past week pa, like there's fever inside my body that wouldn't surface (it's what we call in Tagalog na 'lagnat sa loob').  Been trying to ward it off with a bit more water, vitamins and working out.  And I guess it's a case of same-old-same-old routine everyday. Yeah, I can relate to your plight, Dindin, about not really knowing much apart from the same route and routine.

Speaking of working out, making some changes to my 3rd workout day, spreading my upper body workout to day 2 and 3.  My chest and back are lagging behind my legs kasiIt would be a nice experiment too, having stayed in my program for a year or so. I'm in a quandary again -- dunno whether I should attempt to grow bigger again or resume competitive badminton again and shed a bit of weight. Hmmm...

Lately, my nightcap DVD is JLA's "Secret Origins." Been studying whatever happened to my favorite justice league characters. I find the new flash as "juvenile" and very funny. That he and Green Lantern Johny Stewart, that straight-as-a-ramrod, ex-marine, are friends is incredible. Hehehe, I'm rediscovering my fascination for comic books. This isn't second childhood, is it?  Hehehehe

TODAY'S HEALTH IDEA:  Take a walk every chance you get.  Don't want to sweat too much? walk in the mall. SM Megamall from end-to-end is approx. 400 meters, which is like running around the track oval in the old ultra. The shop windows can be so entertaining, you won't notice you've done so much walking. Just don't really shop or else, your wallet will get the most workout, hehehe.

HEALTHY THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Exercise can be invigorating, not nauseating. Find what you like doing, and keep doing it.

P.S.  At 11pm: got back to the office from the gym because of some pressing matters. Anyway, just wanted to add something I find fascinating and at the same time, a bit surprising. Even if I just keep quiet in the gym, I guess it's inevitable that people sort of find inspiration from me.

It's elating of course because I try not to unsettle people by openly bragging or being loud. And yet, I find out people are actually deriving some inspiration from me. It's like in my old gym, I guess (but I didn't expect this because Gold's is certainly a much bigger pond).

The same thing happens in badminton where I've come across people who say they want to emulate my playing style.  Funny thing is, I don't even consider myself as a really good player, not just yet.

It's really kinda elating but at the same time, it carries a responsibility. Whether I like it or not, I have to be a good example, I guess. Whether it's my attitude about drug-free training or my renewed casual attitude about badminton. I'm just finding it a bit strange lang because I'm not used to the attention. But I'm happy to know that i can be a positive influence, even unknowingly.  Just to cite a case, I'm really proud to have turned around one officemate, si Ivy, who used to abhor exercise, into a workout fanatic. It took some time and surprisingly, little preaching, just by example, to help her get fit. You should see her now, her clothes fit better, her skin is so much better. At mas adik pang magworkout sakin ang walanghiya, hehehe. Well, I guess that's something to lift me up whenever i have my down moments _c")_

One upside of this is almost everywhere I go, I'm sure to bump into someone I know. Even the celebrities in the gym already know little ole me pala, hehehe. Anak ng tipaklong, I'm not even openly socializing pa.  Imagine if I did, hehehe. Another good thing is that I'm traversing between my industry (advertising) and my other passion (fitness) almost effortlessly. Believe me, it helps me keep my sanity.


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