Friday, July 9, 2004

Work with yum

I've been working since my 3rd year in college. Save for a few months in between some job transitions, I've never really spent more than a week or two away from work. While I'm really thankful for having a job that pays, and pays well, I find myself tired more often the past months. The exhaustion goes beyond physical. Perhaps, it's because my job is more mental than anything.  Hmmm, and the fact that I miss some things I could be doing like playing more badminton and going out with friends. It also make me think hard sometimes about other things I could be doing as a job.  Or when do I really get a break. I guess it's just natural.

Many nights, I talk to the Man Upstairs and really wonder if there's any chance for a major break, both in my life and in my family's affairs, for example. I really wonder where my mom keeps drawing her energy and zest from. All these years, she's been supporting my siblings who sadly, weren't brave enough to face up to responsibilities. I realize that oftentimes, you'd find yourself helpless about things. And you're just resigned to asking for Divine help from above. Hmmm, I hope I'm just tired right now. I'm really looking forward to the weekend, even when chores are waiting to be done. And next weekend when we go out-of-town, even just to Tagaytay.

P.S.  One good thing about not being available much of the time is that I realized that I have quite a lot of friends and acquaintances waiting for a time when I'll have some free time.

P.S. 2  When I see some friends who are well-provided for, it makes me wonder why things can be so vastly different for others. At times, it makes me envious. but I really make a point to count my blessings. I remember Jim Carrey being quoted as saying that we have a lot to be thankful for, even for just the grass under our feet, or the sky above our heads. So help us not forget my sweet Lord _c")_


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