Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Movies: Of Mean Girls, Ran, Oliver and The Alamo

Took a leave Monday to rest mind, body and spirit. Got to catch up on my DVD watch list as well.

MEAN GIRLS - Actually liked this. While the plot of "popular meanies on campus" isn't necessarily new, the twist at the end is great. It's sending the signal that it's okay to apologise to people you wronged and that there's life after what we often perceive as "social death or suicide".  Lindsay Lohan is believable as the naive, home-schooled girl from South Sfrica transplanted to America.  I have a hunch we'll be seeing her in more movies.

RAN - It's nice to discover Kurosawa's treasure trove of films and Ran is one of his crown jewels. His movies are always a study of human nature and frailty. Ran portrayed the universal themes of revenge, lust for power and pride. The restoration work was great. I hope today's generation as well as the future ones will be able to appreciate this and his other films.

THE ALAMO - The battle for Texas told in bloody detail. especially liked Billy Bob Thornton as Davy Crockett. It's about how much blood is shed to gain territories and this one is about how an emaciated American Army held off, albeit unsuccessfully, the large Mexican Army. The victors were not much later subdued by American forces in a matter of 18 minutes -- a heartbreaking thing in light of how many American lives it cost.

OLIVER - Rediscovered this gem of a movie starring Mark Lester and it has aged well. The music is as innocent and as fresh as when I remembered it from before -- from "Where is the Love" to "Food, Glorious Food" (I forgot the title of the opening song anyway). A nice respite after watching "The Alamo"

REMEMBER THE TITANS - missed this 4-year old denzel washington film but finally got the chance to view it courtesy of an officemate who was kind enough to lend it. good movie as most denzel films go, albeit, with a sad conclusion.

MEMENTO - Nice movie with an interesting plot -- about a protagonist who wants to avenge his wife's murder but suffers from short-term memory loss. This complicates his vendetta as characters swim in and out and plays with his mind. Curious that we take our short and long-term memory capabilities for granted.

Whew! So many movies, so little time. Back to work and reading!


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