Friday, November 5, 2004

Catching up

It's been a crazy week. Which is why I'm trying my best to make a post now.

RED BOXIN' WITH OLE FRIENDS - Got together with friends from way, way back -- Angel, Chic & Alex. Tried some unusual choices but it's amazing to find so much in common with friends. And how after all these years, we've managed to keep the friendships. Former officemates in the first ad agency I joined, it's quite a surprise to realize we've been friends for close to 15 or so years now; witnessing their kids grow up.

TRICK OR TREATIN' - Sat found us at the Alabang Town Center, gorging on chicken at Friday's, sampling the meticulously crafted desserts at Bizu, and karaoke at Q2's new watering hole.

WHAT? A 3-DAY WEEKEND WITHOUT A DVD PLAYA? - Sorely missed my DVD player during last weekend but had it converted anyway. Now, it plays the orig Star Wars Trilogy DVDs I got from B2. Great!

MOTOWNIN' AG'IN - This compilation CD is great, chockful of R&B gems like My Girl, Stop! In the Name of Love, What's Going On, etc. etc. so much worth the 450 bucks. Playing it on a Sun afternoon while doing chores is like replaying olden times. From Martha and the Vandellas to the Four Tops right down to Boyz2men, Debarge and Michael Mcdonald, it's like playing a soundtrack of our lives.

DISNEY MAGIC - This 2 disc compilation is another great buy with Disney themes dating back to Julie Andrew's a spoonful of sugar to more recent hits. Another great way to cheer even the lousiest day.

Amazing how music can uplift the mood and bring together friends.
CHRISTMAS MUSIC WISH LIST - Motown 2 by Michael Mcdonald. Morricone album by Yo-Yo Ma. A CD copy of Manhattan Transfer's Christmas album (one of the best in my book) which I couldn't find now.

Hi D2! Here are my recos as far as Christmas music that deserves precious space in your iPod:
- December by George Winston (wonderful, wonderful piano solos)
- Winter Solstice by Windham Hill artists (meditative music very appropriate for the holidays)
- Manhattan Transfer Christmas album (jazzy takes on favorites plus some surprises; it includes a duet with tony bennett)
- A Muppet Christmas with the late, great, john denver
- Jazz to the World (elegant, airy, great takes on favorites)
- Christmas Portrait by The Carpenters (great concept album)

Speaking of Christmas, just saw the lights & decors coming up along Ayala. Hmmm, time to start buying new lights and decors for mom's house.


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