Friday, November 12, 2004

Crazy @ work

It's been a toxic week, nay, weeks, at work. Haven't been sleeping as soon as I hit home as my mind hankers for some reading before calling it slumber time. Reviewing my lifestyle and weight management book as well as rediscovering the late Doreen Fernandez's great book "Lasap" which I found hidden among my office kalat. As D2 notes in her recent entries, hard as the times maybe, it's Christmasing time again. Time to look forward to more than the quite long holiday (though the Christmas and new year's day holidays fall on Saturdays this year, sigh!). And hard as I try to outgrow it, I'm always fascinated with things Christmas. 

Why, to pass away my tiredness and boredom, I surf for Christmas trees and found out that even something as basic as these are subject to technological innovations. Like trees with LED lights that are guaranteed for 10-20 years (heck, those would become passe by then anyway). Or trees with those kinda cheesy fiber optic lights which can go on for a lifetime. Hey, I hate untangling those darn lights every holiday season but I guess that's part of tradition. And those rice lights are kinda teeny-weny cute. Anyway, looking forward to a bit more rest this weekend even with work (official and unofficial) in the way. And start bringing out the wreaths, lights, trees. like it or not, it's beginning to sound, smell, look and feel like Christmas _c")_


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