Thursday, December 9, 2004

Blessings and charity

Out of the blue, a sideline paid me my dues yesterday. I feel very much blessed already with this outpouring of graces. The past two days at work has been quite a breeze, comparatively, so that's an added bonus already. Not that I'm not expecting more graces, but I already really feel blessed. And hey, I've put in much more work this year.

anyway, logged 24,000 steps on my pedometer yesterday, the most i've ever walked so far since i got this gadget. after knee pain kept me from sleeping much the other night, it's another blessing to be able to walk as much and recover.

While life hasn't been exactly stress-free, especially with the holidays fast approaching and more work to be done and more commitments that need to be attended to, things are shaping up to be okay and manageable, many thanks to the good Lord. But I know Ishould be a good steward of these graces.

Will need to allocate time for my favorite charities -- Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity in Tondo, and the blind of Don Bosco. That's in between attending to my overdue lunches and dinners with friends, some dating back to 3 months ago. A lot of people find the Christmas holidays especially stressful and while I tend to feel it as well, I refuse to cow down and internalize the pressure.  It will always be there but it's up to me to manage it well.


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