Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Holiday dervish

It's a feeling that's commonplace now -- skeds spinning like a dervish during the holidays. Because it's the time of the year when one tries to make up for lost time with friends and family. Wrapping gifts at midnight. Multitasking.T hinking of where to get the extra funds for those still-to-be-bought gifts. Figuring out where the bonus went, hehehe.

A few words for the day's highlights...

HAIKU - Second time in 4 days to eat here. The fried gyoza is great. thanks for a great lunch klasmeyt B2! Treat u next!

BIZU - Thanks D2 for the nice desserts. Tried the Naomi which is seductive as the name suggests, a yummy combination of dark and white chocolate. Always a welcome treat to eat here, calories and all.

INCREDIBLE - Finally caught "The Incredibles" on DVD and it's a nice surprise. Like the other Pixar productions, it's not the run of the mill animated movie. Finally, I understand the glowing reviews of friends and acquaintances. Been squeezing DVD watching while doing the budgets or wrapping the remaining gifts at home -- past midnight. Great having the advantage of cordless headphones!


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