Thursday, January 6, 2005

Jumpstarting 2005

Caught the Jessica Soho reports segment on the year of the rooster. There were geomancy predictions that the year lacks fire and water, and therefore, isn't a year to crow about.I  used to believe in fortune telling, and other paranormal practices but somewhere along the way, I learned that I should instead put my trust in our Creator instead of reading tarot cards, listening to fortune tellers, or going by the dictates of the geomancers. I know and I believe that if you believe you will have a good or bad year, you will have exactly what you believe in. Having geomancers and fortune tellers prance around on national television and declare the year will be "isang kahig, isang tuka" is like dictating how bad the year will go. It's very much like reading your fortune for the day, the subsconscious finds a way to "actualize" what you read whether your consciousness accepts it or not.

I know a lot of friends and acquaintances who profess to believe in God and yet turn to feng shui and stuff. I'm not about to pass judgment on this matter but my question is should you have faith in the Creator who made everything and run everything or turn to occult or paranormal practices?

Jessica made amends by saying that on the other hand, the rooster or chicken also stands for a lot of positive things. Like the pinoys' penchant for serving chicken.L ike roosters announce the dawn of a new day. That the chicken is one food source that doesn't leave a lot of waste as pinoys have found use for every body part from the crown (fillers for dishes like sisig) to the feet (chicken feet) right down to the feathers (feather dusters, fancy costumes). This is like seeing the glass as half-full and is much more constructive. We pinoys have been through so much and my personal opinion is that the last thing we need are more negativity. as a born pessimist, I must admit I'm not going to go anywhere much not unless I re-orient my negative thinking. I guess the same goes for the rest of us.


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