Thursday, January 20, 2005

The new USDH Health Guidelines: A return to the old

Took a cursory look at the new USDH Health Guidelines and I must say, it reads like a return to the old rules -- in its simplicity, "eat less, exercise more." (to read more, type on your browser)

As a part-time fitness professional, I've always believed that the bottomline is really simple. Like everything in moderation save for things we can't get enough of like vegetables and fruits. I'm also glad that the emphasis is on calories not just carbs. The South Beach thing is getting kinda out of hand. It seems that people always want instant or quick fixes, not sustainable, long-term solutions. While that's human nature, it's one of the old-fashioned kind of thinking that's ought to go.

While I'm not adept in sociology, I guess it's also pretty hard on Pinoys to change our age-old notion that growing old automatically means growing bigger at the waistline.  It's a case of growing up seeing most of our parents, and our friends' parents, gaining weight over the years. personally, it's an image I associate with adulthood -- as in parents are supposed to look that way, don't they? Old habits (and body images/associations) die hard but they can be changed. With people living longer but not necessarily better-quality lives, it's ought to change.

Quote of the day:
"100% of the shots you don't make don't go in" - hockey great Wayne Gretsky
(from's "Mind Chatter" Jan 05 e-ssue)


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