Monday, January 3, 2005

New year hangover

Nope, am not talking about alcoholic kind (managed to avoid drinking the whole of the holiday season) but rather of the vacation type. The first working day of the year is almost always the hardest one. Everything seems to be in slow-mo mode. My joke in the office is that my server (my mind) is still out of sync. But work we must while remembering what happened the past four vacation days.

NEW YEAR RITES - Clearing out the house. Clearing the closet of old and no longer usable clothes so others can make use of them. Doing the odd chores. Getting the car repaired (though had a freak accident in Greenbelt Carpark when a Trooper bumped and dented my hood the day I got the car back from the talyer! ). Playing badminton 4 out of 5 days. meeting with friends I haven't seen for quite sometime. Practicing my carpentry skills. And watching an average of 2 DVD's a day (what a relief!).

REUNION - Had a reunion of sorts with the Badminton Central guys last night. As Emzi was around on a short vacation from Japan, had dinner with the Sunday players (Nina, Ferdie, DC, Cris M.) and Starbucks break with the rest of the gang (Candy, Mike, John R., Michelle & Gerry, Kiko S., Ken).

GOING OVERSEAS - Talk came around to working overseas and given the state of our country, sometimes, you can't blame people for leaving their roots and trying their luck elsewhere. Me included, given the opportunity. Oh well, let's keep on praying. If it's a consolation, our Christmas and new year celebrations maybe more austere than before (even the much-hyped Ayala fireworks spectacle lasted a mere 10-15 minutes but oh, what a sight it was) but thank God we were spared from the ravages of the tsunami that hit our Asian neighbors. One can't help but think what could've been the toll if it hit us. But then again, if it's your time, it's your time. We can only pray to our Creator that we'd be ready when that time comes up.

Anyway, it's the second day of the new year. here's to wishing and praying for a blessed 2005!


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