Friday, February 25, 2005

Batanes dreaming

Yeah, I know it's supposed to be a holiday but right now I'm in the office, working. It doesn't help that I waited for like 6 hours to have an oil change, wheel alignment, engine flush, etc. etc. I'm feeling sleepy and worn-out. my mind is wandering off... Times like these I'm more eager to jump on that plane headed for Batanes.

It started out as a it-won't-harm-if-you-try-and-ask thing. The day after leafing thru one of my travel books and opening the page to two stories on Batanes, an idea sparked in my head - visit Batanes. So passed by the Asian Spirit office to inquire. Guess what? The staff at Asian Spirit told me I'm lucky to grab the last remaining seat on the March 23 flight to Batanes. Seriously, I was prepared to get a no for an answer especially when at first checking, Peng, the nice lady over there at Asian Spirit-Greenbelt told me I have a confirmed return flight on the 26th but was on the waiting list for the flight to Basco. 10-15 min later, somebody canceled and I was able to get the last remaining seat. Wow!

I was prepared to go alone since I couldn't get another slot for Emz. That could be quite a problem since I would have to look for a climbing buddy. But the next day, I got another one. call it God's providence twice in a row. Sabagay, if it's meant for you, it's for you.

So this early, informed the office na of my intention to take a vacation come Holy Week. I can't wait to lug my cam and take pics of those people, places and things in Batanes I only read and see in the travel books.  Just 25 days and counting.


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