Friday, February 4, 2005

Movies: Phoenix Rising • Filipino bashing?

FLIGHT OF THE PHOENIX - Good fare for almost 2 hours.  Miranda Otto is her usual strong but attractive self. Dennis Quaid, the middle-aged journey-man kind of pilot. It's a nice adventure that reminds us how a seemingly harmless grain of sand can wreak the cruelest havoc (imagine drowning, not in water, but in sand). Bottomline: hope can rise in the midst of hopelessness like the phoenix rose from the ashes.

AFTER THE SUNSET - Is it just me or do i keep running into Hollywood movies that seemingly bash Pinoys?  In a week's time, came across Bill Murray's "The Aquatic Life" that portrays Filipinos as pirates. now, in this Pierce Brosnan-Salma Hayek's starrer, Brosnan jokingly introduces himself to new acquaintances as an owner of sweatshops in the Philippines. Hmmm, While it's nice to be recognized as part of the human race, this is certainly not a flattering way.

Oftentimes, the North American media (especially the entertainment media) seems to stereotype the world outside the U.S. whereas before, some Caucasians have the impression we still live on trees, now, if Hollywood films are to be believed, we're either a bunch of hijackers of the high seas or third-world slaves. One can either get flat out flabbergasted or find this rubbish wickedly funny. oh well...

P.S.  The Oscar jury left out Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ" and expectedly so. While it's dissapointing, let's face it, Hollywood was never comfortable with religion, especially, if it doesn't villify a certain sect. Or if its movies don't blaspheme. But the movie achieved what it was supposed to do in the first place, anyway, and that is, change people's lives the way no pretentious Hollywood glitzy movie did. So there.


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