Monday, March 7, 2005

16 days and counting

Played in a charity tourney kahapon after getting just like 3 hours of sleep from Q2's bday party. Won 3, lost 2 games. Lessons learned: never to make puyat before a tourney, never to play in a tourney wherein organizers squeeze in 4-5 games in a row, and never to play in a tourney without practicing at all. While the results weren't so bad for somebody who hasn't played at all in 2 weeks, could've fared better.

Anyway, my mind's in a semi-vacation sort of mode. It's 16 days to go before my Batanes trip and I can't wait to board the plane and be gone from civilization for a while. Can't wait to use my brand new north face mg 45 backpack. Am putting in stuff bit by bit so I wouldn't be hard-pressed to remember everything i have to bring.


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